Install and configure node-red on synology dsm 6 with docker

I had some difficulties when installing node-red on a synology server thanks to docker.

The main problem : the node-red instance does not use any dns server by default.

I managed to map /etc/resolv.conf of the container with a custom resolv.conf, but after that, the container can not communicate with another container easily.

In my case, i want to use in Node-red another container influxdb by its « influxdb1 » name, but influxdb1 as a hostname was not found by node-red with a mapped /etc/resolv.conf.

I had to re-create a node-red container with the -dns parameter for the command line.
(impossible to update this setting after the container is created)

1 - Download Image

2 - Create a "data" folder

3 - Configure the node-red container

DO NOT FORGET THE –dns –dns as parameters !

Protect admin node-red with user/password

Launch a « bash » terminal window


go to /usr/src/node-red/node_modules/node-red-admin/
start node-red-admin with « hash-pw » as a parameter
type your password, note the hashed version 🙂

modifier the « settings.js » in the mapped /data folder